Design Miami 2016: Enignum by Joseph Walsh

Design Miami 2016: Enignum by Joseph Walsh

Represented by Sarah Myerscough Gallery, Irish designer Joseph Walsh presented three of his Enignum pieces at Design Miami, including Enignum Desk and two Enignum shelves. Walsh composes his sculptural pieces from thin layers of olive ash, shaping them into "free form compositions."


Enignum Desk, which combines olive and burr ash, seems to float on its asymmetrical legs-although calling the support pieces "legs" takes away from their artistic form. At one end, concentric rings balance on a tapered base, resembling the skeleton of a mystical beast. The other base reminds me of a beautiful piece of driftwood. Along with its organically shaped surface, Enignum Desk is all unexpected curves.


Both incarnations of Enignum Shelf celebrate the possibilities of bent wood, their straight surfaces giving way to ribbon-like contours. All three pieces illustrate what's possible when a visionary designer accentuates the inherent beauty of his material-revealing "not only the honesty of the structure but the sculpted form which is a unique collaboration of man and material."


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