The Freelance Side Chair by Sit On It

The Freelance Side Chair by Sit On It

The Freelance multi-purpose side chair from SitOnIt Seating is a versatile workhorse tailored for contract, healthcare, and educational environments.


With a comfy, curved, upholstered seat, this lightweight piece is movable and adaptable-users can easily integrate it into a variety of training rooms, classrooms, and impromptu collaborative spaces.


Designed for ease of use, Freelance has enough options to satisfy the most fickle among us: glides or rolling casters, book racks and tablet arms, 17 different plastic shell colors and a large selection of fabrics for the seat-each of which offer stain resistance and anti-bacterial protection.



SitOnIt even offers a bariatric model for healthcare applications.


See SitOnIt for more information.

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