Zones by Teknion

Zones by Teknion

Winner of the Best of NeoCon 2016's Best of Competition, Zones by Teknion is a collection of fluid workplace furniture created by Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd. Zones-"based on a poetic expression of a humanistic work culture"-translates well to education settings, especially in common areas and libraries, where students and teachers gather to study alone and in groups.


Taking into account advances in technology and shifts in work culture, the designers behind Zones created a network of pieces that encourage collaboration and independence. Lloyd explains, "Zones punctuates the workspace, interjecting commas, full stops and exclamation points within the syntax of desking and systems furniture." Given Lloyd's extended metaphor likening Zones to sentence structure, the educational application can't be ignored.


Zones Hubs, which accommodate one or many, are perfect as library carousels or meeting rooms. The Arm Chair and Club Chair work as task chairs for individual or group study, while the sinuous Solo Lounge Chair is ideal for reading or brainstorming. Pieces with wood accents, like the Zones Bench and Coat Rack, add a warm organic touch to the collection.


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