Xorel Artform by Carnegie

Xorel Artform by Carnegie


has taken its popular Xorel brand of eco-friendly textiles and developed a decorative acoustical panel for use on interior walls. Xorel Artform offers four different shapes in three different scales, turning walls into veritable art galleries. With more than 250 Xorel colors to choose from, Xorel Artform can be mixed and matched to create a feature wall to satisfy anyone's style.


Winner of a Silver Award for Surfacing Materials at NeoCon 2016, Xorel Artform offers additional bonuses besides being beautiful. The material is Cradle to cradle Certified Gold and free of PVC, chlorine, plasticizers, heavy metals, and ozone-depleting chemicals. Xorel Artform also boasts extremely low VOCs, antimicrobial properties, and easy cleanability.


The geometric shape of Hex and Tall Hex feels appealingly retro, especially in bold color combinations like greens and golds. Swoopy Scale is ebullient in red, and trapezoidal Waveline is subtle in white.


See more color, shape, and scale possibilities at www.xorelartform.com.

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