Ethereal by CF Stinson

Ethereal by CF Stinson

Winner of NeoCon Gold in the Healthcare Fabrics & Textiles category, Ethereal is a collection of seven fabrics by CF Stinson. Intended to convey "the emotive effects of light and nuanced color through shifting, transparent and soft-focused shapes," Ethereal presents painterly and geometric motifs in soft, soothing colors.


Tranquility features organic ovals that mimic bubbles rising. Nest is a collection of crisscrossing lines that evoke the delicate architecture of a bird's nest. And Hush uses small circles and connecting lines to create a calm backdrop. The entire Ethereal Collection should put patients, caregivers, and visitors at ease.


Like other CF Stinson collections, Ethereal fabrics are bleach cleanable, soil and stain resistant, GreenGuard Gold Certified, and produced in the USA.



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