Chapo by Philippe Starck for FLOS

Chapo by Philippe Starck for FLOS

Designer Philippe Starck explains the design of Chapo by imagining classic actors like Alec Guiness, James Stewart, and Fred Astaire throwing their hats off when they got home in the evening. This gesture-"swaggering and elegant"-inspired Chapo.


Available through FLOS, Chapo table lamp is a simple chrome base intended to light up whatever hat you choose to display on it. The idea is that Chapo shifts its tone and style depending on its owner or location, making it "equal parts light and theater," according to FLOS. Chapo includes a USB socket in the base, so it doubles as a hat stand and triples as a charger.


Chapo is clever and unforgettable-as are many Starck lamps. As a side note, Starck's Gun Lamps (or imitations) garnish the glistening office of the main character in the recently released film War Dogs.



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Posted September 8, 2016 by Alicita Rodriguez

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