The Wheel by Waterstone

The Wheel by Waterstone

Founded by Chris Kuran in 1999, Waterstone proudly manufactures high-end faucets right here in the United States. Intended for designer kitchens, Waterstone faucets are produced in the company's California factory, illustrating that American design is alive and well. To prove that very point, Waterstone decided to reinvent the wheel-literally and figuratively.


The Wheel is a pull-down kitchen faucet featuring a large wheel with five spokes. Made of solid brass, The Wheel offers spray and aerated stream, as well as a pulley breaking system that prevents handle snap back. Available in 33 finishes, The Wheel is a chameleon of sorts.

In Distressed Antique Copper or Distressed Antique Pewter, The Wheel is a steampunk dream. But give it the silver shine of Chrome or the inky luster of Gloss Black and The Wheel is at home in uber-sleek Italian kitchens. Finished in White or Polished Gold, The Wheel complements anything from French Country to Hollywood Regency.


The faucet's fundamental element is the oversized wheel-a tool that recalls mills and machines, making it the perfect vehicle for directing water. The connection between wheel and water is so obvious, in fact, that it makes me wonder why it took so long to create this faucet. But therein lies the genius of its design: sometimes connecting two things takes a circuitous mind (and meandering path).

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