Skylight Tension Systems by Hunter Douglas

Skylight Tension Systems by Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas is serious about shading. The company designed their patented Skylight Tension Shades to modulate light and heat-controlling two fundamentally important variables that can make or break interior space.

San Jose Airport

Tension Shades are different from conventional shading systems in multiple ways: an innovative tensioning system adjusts automatically to account for natural expansion and contraction of the fabric; a single motor operates both movement and tensioning-saving money on electrical costs; and dual-shade systems confer translucent shading as well as complete blackout.

Chicago Art Institute

As custom installations, the Tension Shades can fill the oddest shapes and sizes of skylight-trapezoidal, triangular, horizontal, inclined, and sloped.

Chicago 2

The company's portfolio is a testament to the system's effectiveness. Projects include the San Jose International Airport, The Chicago Art Institute, The renowned Catch restaurant in Calgary, and New York's Museum of Modern Art.


Catch Restaurant

Multiple colors and fabrics are available. See for more information.

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