Outsmart the Grid with Ice Energy’s Ice Bear

Outsmart the Grid with Ice Energy’s Ice Bear

Ice Energy has devised an ingenious way to beat the heat and cut down on cooling costs. The energy-savvy Ice Bear unit employs "ice batteries"-helping to avoid operation during peak times, when energy costs are at their highest.

Ice Unit with hatch openJ

Essentially an oversized, extremely efficient ice maker, the unit is installed outside the home or building, just like a typical air conditioner.

Ice Bear Exterior DayJ

Ice Bear does the bulk of its work overnight, while energy costs are lowest-making mounds of ice that will function as the ice battery over the next 24 hours.

Ice Bear Exterior EveningJ

As temperatures soar during the day, the ice within gradually melts. This creates a cooling effect, harnessed via a self-contained pump to distribute ice-cold refrigerant that cools the air within the home.

Ice Bear InteriorJ

Ice Bear can integrate into a home or building's existing ductwork or utilize a duct-less mini split system. The units are compatible with air conditioning in new and retrofit systems–for both residential and commercial applications that can reduce peak cooling electricity by up to 95%.



For further information, see iceenergy.com.

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