Mellow Out with Bernhardt Design

Mellow Out with Bernhardt Design

Created by Oc©ane Delain for Bernhardt Design, Mellow is comforting and compelling lounge seating with an innovative twist.

Mellow Large Front jpg

The twist happens via a unique adjustability feature that lets users alter form and shape courtesy of an ingenious nylon lacing system that manipulates the buttons.

Mellow Detail

Users can loosen the cam and cleat beneath the sofa that holds each button in place and pull taut or add slack in order to change density, configuration, and comfort.

Nylon Lace

Mellow's memory foam upholstery accommodates this gentle tug and pull-contracting or expanding as the buttons are tightened or loosened.

Mellow with woman

Bernhardt offers Mellow in various finish and fabric options. Firey red or ebon black fabric with a maple base, and the very same black or a more sedate taupe on a painted black base.

Mellow Black

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