Award-Winning Electron Sconce by Karice

Award-Winning Electron Sconce by Karice

Congratulations to father-son design team Maurice and Jordan Dery, whose Electron Wall Sconce for Karice recently took home Gold in the Illumination Category at the ninth annual International Design Awards in Los Angeles.

[caption id="attachment_103198" align="alignnone" width="2581"]Electron Wall Sconce by Karice

Electron is an ethereally lovely halo of acrylic and metal. The aesthetic is simultaneously modern and timeless-evoking the space-age mechanistics of the classic film 2001, as well as the unfathomable mysteries of the cosmos.

Gold Front View

A deceptively simple concept, Electron's sleek and seamless surface belies the complex engineering beneath-all fasteners and wiring are kept cleverly out of view, "maintaining the ring's suspended independence without compromising beauty or functionality."

[caption id="attachment_103204" align="alignnone" width="2747"]Electron Wall Sconce by Karice

[caption id="attachment_103203" align="alignnone" width="2747"]Electron Wall Sconce by Karice

The innovation here goes beyond Electron's aesthetic-the sconce employs dimmable energy-efficient LED technology, allowing light to pour forth from the inner and outer edges, without unsightly shadowing.

Black Side View jpg

The recent triumph in Los Angeles is the second such accolade for Electron. In April, it won Silver at the A'Design Awards in Milan-further proof that Karice is succeeding at their objective: "pushing creative boundaries and crafting what has never been done before."

Black on Wall

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