BuzziJungle Engages Whimsy in the Common Office

BuzziJungle Engages Whimsy in the Common Office

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Collaborative seating was the rage at last week's annual NeoCon tradeshow as the design industry attempts to accommodate both social and focus work in the age of open-plan work environments. While veteran furniture manufacturers launched a host of refined, upholstered, modular options, Belgium's hot, young BuzziSpace introduced whimsy to the common office.

BuzziJungle, a conceptual jungle gym for the workplace, allows users to step away from traditional desking systems and conference rooms by inviting them to engage staff and colleagues in a an entirely new way. The piece is the brainchild of fledgling industrial designer Jonas Van Put, who drew inspiration from the vertical cross-section of a tropical forest.


The 10- by 13-foot structure challenges traditional social interaction at the office, and offers respite for users needing an outlet for mobile focus work. BuzziJungle is constructed from woven galvanized aluminum and finished with yellow lacquer. Foldable cushions are available for seating. For more information, visit the BuzziSpace website.

Posted June 22, 2016 by staffwriter

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