Wood And Stone Inspirations For New Karndean Designflooring Range

Wood And Stone Inspirations For New Karndean Designflooring Range

A market leader in luxury vinyl flooring, Karndean Designflooring is eagerly anticipating the May 2016 introduction of 12 new wood and 10 new stone designs as part of its long standing Da Vinci range.

RP99 LimedCottonOak Bedroom Cameo1 CM

The new Da Vinci collection is a fresh take on today's trends of natural look colors and reclaimed designs. Taking inspiration from the narrow planks that were standard in early 20th Century homes, the wood looks enhance the collection with new, on-trend 'modern rustic' designs. The 10 stone looks offer weathered industrial, textile, and natural visuals that represent the very essence of Karndean's innovative ability to recreate products from the natural world in LVT.

RP100 CoastalDriftwood Restaurant LS1 CM

The inspiration for the wood and stone designs can be characterized by natural, reclaimed and weathered, and fabric looks.

RP101 BeachDriftwood Hallway Cameo5 CM

RP98 Limed Linen Oak Bathroom LS1 CM

About Karndean Designflooring:
Karndean Designflooring is a global leader in flooring design with operations in the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand. By offering a wide range of colors, textures and finishes, our products allow you to create looks that are unique to your home or business and are guaranteed to last. With a passion for creating floors which are both stylish and practical, we're here to help customers find the right floor for their space, needs and unique style.
For more information about the company, and to view its full range of flooring products, please visit: www.karndean.com

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