The Next Big Thing In Sit/Stand Solutions

The Next Big Thing In Sit/Stand Solutions

Alternatives to spending the workday in a chair have blown up in recent years. From height adjustable desks, to balance balls, to kneeling chairs, ergonomics have become a major priority for designers of workplaces. Teva footwear’s former Brand President, Josh Heath, has taken the quest for office motion one step further with his latest venture, Fluidstance. Their debut product is The Level, a futuristic skateboard-looking device without wheels, designed to keep your body in motion whilst using a standing desk.


According to Fluidstance, “To combat workplace inactivity, the Level increases the body’s heart rate by an average of 15%* compared to sitting, and more importantly, it increases the body's range of motion up to 20 times over simply standing at a desk. According to Doctor Geoffrey Gray of the Heeluxe Lab, which did the third party testing of the Level, "The Level allows for optimal amounts of 3D motion in the sagittal, transverse, and coronal planes. The amount of lower leg motion provided by the Level is similar to what you would experience while walking."


"FluidStance was born from the idea that the body should move while we work, not just stand up," said FluidStance founder and CEO Joel Heath. "The body is meant to move, yet at work, in classrooms, and even at home we chain our bodies down into a sedentary state in the hopes of focus."


Available in maple, maple with walnut finish, or bamboo, with additional optional customization possibilities, The Level can be ordered online through the Fluidstance website.

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