Nemschoff Launch A New Lightweight Patient Chair

Nemschoff Launch A New Lightweight Patient Chair

Designed by 5d Studio, the Ava Patient chair from Nemschoff offers an adaptable patient chair, existing as a piece of functional hospital equipment while giving the feel of furniture. 


The Ava Patient chair by Nemschoff is a new lighter chair that offers a slimmer form, enabling it to fit in smaller rooms without compromising on interior seat space or comfort.

Following feedback and the requirements of nurses, the Ava Recliner features dual-sided controls and a lay-flat recliner, with pivoting arms to give carers better leverage and access, while also helping to decrease back injuries.Nemschoff_LI_AVA_RECLINER_917-XX_P_201506_146645_W

The chair also provides a reverse recline, with independent footrest controls for increased comfort as well as a central brake and steer, side tables for improved functionality, and oversized wheel casters for easy mobility.


The Ava Recliner was recently named Best of Competition and won the Gold Award for Patient Seating at the prestigious Nightingale award, which honours contributions to healthcare through product design and innovation for healing.



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About the manufacturer: Nemschoff is a leading provider of innovative, quality healthcare furniture. Founded in 1950 by Leonard Nemschoff, the company believes that Real World R&D® sets them apart. Nemschoff includes the inventive Brandrud and economical Foxxman Collections.

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