Lenova’s New Aqualogic Ozone Kitchen Faucet Produces Bacteria-Busting Water

Lenova’s New Aqualogic Ozone Kitchen Faucet Produces Bacteria-Busting Water

The latest innovation to come from American sink and faucet manufacturer Lenova is the Aqualogic Ozone Kitchen Faucet. 


Lenova’s new Aqualogic Ozone Kitchen Faucet produces antibacterial ozone water

The new tap features a small ozone generator that produces ozone water, offering a more efficient way of cleaning hands, surfaces and food without any harmful chemical or deposits.

The faucet generates ozone water that acts as an antibacterial agent and oxidizes toxic microorganisms, making it ideal for sanitizing cooking utensils and disinfecting baby accessories, as well as extending the shelf life of food, removing odors and decreasing food-borne illnesses.


Ozone water is a hundred times stronger than chlorine and can eliminate bacteria 3,100 times quicker, as well as being able to destroy all commonly found food pathogens and pesticides, reducing the need for conventional sanitizers and hot water.

Available in polished chrome or brushed nickel finish, the Ozone Kitchen Faucet has a minimalist style to suit any kitchen, and is UPC certified and is the only ozone faucet tested and certified by the FDA in the US market.

For purchasing information, visit Where to Buy. See all Lenova products at www.lenovasinks.com

About the manufacturer: Lenova manufactures high-quality sinks with inspired designs. The company produces sinks in the following materials: stainless steel, porcelain, bamboo, copper, bronze, stone, glass, and composite. 

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