Desk Accessories: Top Five

Desk Accessories: Top Five

Optimise your desk space with these serviceable and stylish desk accessories.


The w153 clip lamp by Inge Semp© for Wästberg offers a lighting solution that can be attached to almost any surface, with a clamp to attach to the edge of surfaces, a flat base for wall mounting, or can stand unassisted as a stylish table lamp.


Humanscale's QuickStand height-adjustable workstation can be attached to the back of any work surface for ease in moving between sit and stand work positions.




Swedish creatives Note Design Studio have created a new acoustic enclosure designed for open plan offices. Focus for ZilenZio is a soundproof textile enclosure with a snaking construction that allows it to be adjusted to fit any shape.


The Divyde Charging Station 2.0 by Slyde Charging Solutions is a customizable workplace solution. Designed for the modern workplace, the station comes with USB ports, power sockets and a safety lock.


Turnstone offers a simple solution for a tidy workspace with their Bivi Trough, a discrete unit that hides away cables and power receptacles for a tidy desktop. 

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