Enduratex Introduces Woven Hues

Enduratex Introduces Woven Hues

Woven Hues is the latest innovation in textile technology from the Californian fabric manufacturers, Enduratex. The new range comes as part of the Endurasoft collection, with a woven-like texture and a FORBID SRT performance topcoat.enduratex

Enduratex’s new Woven Hues line balances softness with strength

The Woven Hues line also features Enduratex's Q1 polyester backing, allowing the soft material to be flexible, and is made in 26 different hues with both classic and fashion forward colors.

About the manufacturer: Headquartered in Southern California, Enduratex is known for providing vinyl coated fabrics to the automotive, hospitality, marine, healthcare and spa industries.

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