Canopy, Pairings, and Splendor by Kimball Office

Kimball Office

is unveiling a suite of new products at NeoCon 2015 that illustrates the company's fruitful collaborations with well-known designers. The new furnishings also represent Kimball Office's showroom theme, "The City is Your Office," which acknowledges that designing for today's work environment "encompasses aspects of sociology, urban planning, fine art, architecture, and psychology."

Open Office Products Work with Versatility & Technology

Canopy, Pairings, and Splendor by Kimball OfficeKimball Office

worked with San Francisco's Studio O+A, headed by the award-winning duo of Primo Orpilla and Verda Alexander, to develop new products that reflected Studio O+A's typologies philosophy. Among the 10 new product collections are Canopy, Pairings, and Splendor.

Canopy, which was conceived by Primo Orpilla of Studio O+A, is a versatile open-plan series that incorporates acoustical and visual privacy. Canopy's clever height-adjustable desk also allows users to raise or lower surface height "without disturbing colleagues."

Canopy, Pairings, and Splendor by Kimball Office

Pairings is a lounge-based collection of seating, tables, and surfaces that facilitates collaborative work. Pairings accommodates teams and technology, making it a creative and well-designed solution for many spaces-"fromĀ corporate offices to higher education facilities to hospitality destinations."

Splendor is a sculptural lounge chair designed by Italian Marco Maran. The chair complements any environment with its "captivating silhouette, subtle details and gentle curves." As much a statement piece as a versatile guest or task chair, Splendor will certainly turn heads.

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