The Focus Acoustic Panels by Note Design Studio for ZilenZio

The Focus Acoustic Panels by Note Design Studio for ZilenZio

Swedish creatives Note Design Studio have created a new acoustic enclosure designed for open plan offices.focus_closeup

Fous by Note Design Studio for ZilenZio is a sound-proof textile enclosure with a snaking construction that allows it to be adjusted to fit any shape

“From our experience as interior architects we often get the feeling that within shared public spaces people need something that helps them create their own personal space, within this larger context,” say Note Design Studio of their latest project. Called ‘Focus’, the space dividing textile screen is designed to be mounted on the desktop to help define personal space.


The spine-like construction gives the screen the flexibility to take any shape needed and can easily be folded and stored.focus_04

Focus is available in three different lengths of 1, 2 and 3 meters, height select between 350mm and 450mm.


For more information, email or call +46 19 672 17 00

About the manufacturer: Swedish brand ZilenZio develops and delivers high-quality sound absorption through wellconceived and designed solutions. Our sound absorber are the result of a wealth of experience in sound environment design, analysis of office and public spaces and tests conducted according to international standards.

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