MultiNester by Allseating

MultiNester by Allseating

For office spaces looking to "do more with less," MultiNester by Allseating is the answer. A nesting chair with a unique space-saving feature, MultiNester "delivers more seat in less square feet." Extending Allseating's popular Multi- line, MultiNester has a seat that flips down in order to increase the number of chairs that can be nested together.

Space-Saving Nesting Chair Features Seats that Flip Down

By having the seat flip down, MultiNester reduces the space needed for each chair: "In fact, this one change results in several inches saved per nested chair." The reinforced structure of MultiNester offers support thanks to Allseating's Flexionâ„¢ technology, which has made the strong Multi- line popular with universities and training facilities.

MultiNester by Allseating

MultiNester has a seat that passively flexes downward and forward to reduce stress points in the legs, while the chair's perforated back flexes to offer comfort. The chair allows users to move, a fact that research shows benefits people in sitting positions.

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Posted June 11, 2015 by Alicita Rodriguez

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