Tailored To Fit: Lighting Trend

Tailored To Fit: Lighting Trend

Just as furniture is being tailored to suit more flexible and transient lifestyles, so too is lighting design. These modular, multi-use designs can be reconfigured and adapted to suit an array of different environments.

Palindrome chandelier by Rich Brilliant Willing_1

The ‘Palindrome’ chandelier by Brooklyn lighting design studio Rich Brilliant Willing is a malleable fixture that can be configured to suit any space. Made up of a series of shaped steel arms and cast glass heads, the Palindrome can be folded in on itself while the individual diffusers can be adjusted to direct the light.

Santorini by Sputnik Estudio for Marset

Barcelona-based Marset have introduced ‘Santorini’ – a fishing lantern-inspired lamp by Sputnik Estudio. Varying numbers of shades can be placed around the light source, which can be strung up in a number of ways: as a traditional suspension, in clusters, or "strung up like a garland." Additionally, simple accessories will easily convert Santorini into wall or standing lamps.

Umleiter byVeronika_Gombert

'Umleiter' (meaning 'diverter' in German) is a flexible suspension lamp designed by Veronika Gombert that uses a simple mechanism to adjust the direction of its light. The lamp's cord is channeled through an aluminum rod and is held in place by the sliding friction created by the weight of the hanging hand spun metal lamp shade. The lamp can be be turned 360° and can therefore be positioned anywhere within the rod's 1m radius reaching distance.


American designer Shane Schneck‘s silicone ‘Bollard’ lamp for Danish brand Menu can be hung vertically as a pendant lamp, hung on its side as a directional lamp, used as an uplighter or rested on its side as a casual floor or table lamp.


The Mono light by Eindhoven studio OS & OOS is made up of LED strip lights joined together by bendable silicon foam connectors that can be weighted to the ground or suspended from the ceiling to create a variety of configurations.


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