BuzziSpace launches the BuzziShade Pendant Medium

BuzziSpace launches the BuzziShade Pendant Medium

Following on from the success of the BuzziShade last year, Belgian brand BuzziSpace have introduced a medium-sized version of the original noise-dampening design.


The BuzziShade by BuzziSpace absorbs sound and offers light

Covered in BuzziFelt - a material made from 100 percent recycled plastic bottles - the lamp's acoustical diffusing character prevents eavesdroppers from hearing private conversations and reduces external noise levels to a minimum - perfect for the office, home, waiting room or restaurant.


The BuzziShade is the result of BuzziSpace's collaboration with the four young Belgian furniture designers of Stal Collectief.

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About the manufacturer: Belgian company BuzziSpace was established in 2007. The products of the new brand hit the mark instantly worldwide because they met an ever increasing need: bringing silence and style to open areas such as offices and lofts.

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