’80s Influences: Hospitality Trend

Defined by a fearless spirit, mix of clashing colours, irreverent materials and theatrical style, the style of the 1980s continues to influence modern day interiors.

Vera & Kyte_1

These Memphis-inspired pedestal tables by Norwegian designers Vera & Kyte contrast granite tops with brightly colored lacquered steel frames.

Gemma Wagget Beyond Woven_1

Mixed media textiles graduate Gemma Kay Waggett‘s embroidered 'Beyond Woven' stool is part of a collection of furnishings that layers abstract geometric patterns in vibrant colors.

Brendan Timmins

Philadelphia-based designer Brendan Timmins‘ ‘Zolo’ lamps are constructed using parts taken from Zolo – an '80s building-block kit game for kids.

Moving Mountains

The ‘Hi-Lo’ shelving unit by Brooklyn-based studio Moving Mountains is composed of geometric cuts of plywood supported by a vertical slab of marble and accented with a diagonal strip of electric blue.

Fredrik Paulsen PRISM tables

Feredrik Paulsen‘s Prism collection is the result of a series of experiments in wood staining. The special marbling technique developed by Paulsen creates a rainbow-like effect that contrasts perfectly with the white black flecked base.

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