Coffee Table Compositions: Hospitality Trend

Coffee Table Compositions: Hospitality Trend

Designed to be used together, these coffee table collections combine varying heights, sizes, finishes and colors to create architectural living room compositions.

Tray table by Hay

Danish design studio Hay designed the tray table with a removable top that can used to serve tea and treats.

Laccio table by Marcel Breuer for Knoll_1

Designed by Marcel Breuer for Knoll in 1924, the classic Laccio nesting tables from the Bauhaus era are made of chromed seamless tubular steel with satin-finish lacquer tops.

Osis Edition 1 by llot llov

This trio of Osis tables by German studio llot llov are designed to slot into each other. The unusual table tops are made of salt-treated spruce wood – ‘We transferred the effects of osmosis caused by salt onto wood,’ explain the designers. ‘First the surface is glazed monochrome or multi-colour, then it is sprinkled with salt. The results are affected by the kind of salt used, humidity and length of reaction time.’

Navera table by Studiforma

A series of brown leather platforms sit atop a tangled bronze framework to form Studioforma’s multi-level Navera table.

Pixel by Duvivier First time

French brand Duvivier First Time took a ‘mix and match’ approach to the design of the Pixel tables. Available in various different heights and sizes, customers can specify a series of nesting tables or create a large central coffee table.

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