Hook Me Up: Lighting Trend

Hook Me Up: Lighting Trend

Unrestricted by the proximity of a power source, these cordless portable lamps are designed for nomadic lifestyles. Simply hook them up and enjoy their lantern-like glow wherever you are.

Follow Me lamp by Marset_1

Designed by Inma Bermúdez the ‘Follow Me’ lamp by Marset is a portable and rechargeable lamp with a swinging lampshade made from white polycarbonate and a convenient wooden handle.

Bolla lamp by Claudio Gatto

The Bolla lamp by Italian designer Claudio Gatto is a lightweight, injection moulded thermo plastic lamp that can be propped up or hung by it’s swing handle.

Bell lamp by BarberOsgerby

The Bell lamp by BarberOsgerby for Louis Vuitton features leather straps wrapped around a frosted mouth-blown glass ‘bell’ which diffuses a daytime-like light thanks to its LED technology with four brightness settings. A silicone ring on the base allows it to be safely placed on any surface.

Lumio by Max Gunawan

The Lumio, designed by Californian architect Max Gunawan, is an expandable and portable lamp made from Tyvek and FSC certified wood. The design is totally adaptable and can be used outdoors, indoors, on a table or as a pendant.

Portable Nomadic Lamps by Katharina Eisenkoeck

Designed as a family of three, Katharina Eisenkoeck's portable Nomadic Lamps feature concrete shades and structured handles made from boiled leather so that they can be carried around and used in a variety of different positions.


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