Smart Storage: Education Trend

Smart Storage: Education Trend

Perfect for storing away toys and learning aids in the classroom or in the nursery, these creative storage solutions are both functional and beautiful.

Chiaozza custom Alphabet Frames

Brooklyn-based Chiaozza’s custom Alphabet Frames add a personal touch to the classroom. Hand-cut using simple wooden joinery, their components slot together and can be hung on a nail. They are ideal for displaying collections of small objects.

Koloro wagon by Torafu Architects

Perfect for kids toys and craft tools, the Koloro-wagon by Torafu architects is a mobile storage unit made up of three stackable boxes. Each plywood storage box has a set of handles, so that the boxes can be separated and carried around like shopping baskets. When the handles are set straight, they form the upright structure for the stack. The bottom box is equipped with a set of wheels so that the stack can be easily moved around.

Tetrad Flat shelving system from Brave Space Design

Reversible and interchangeable, the multicolored blocks that make up the Tetrad Flat shelving system from Brave Space Design provide endless stacking configurations.

Ferm Living Face storage boxes

Stacked in sets of three, Danish brand Ferm Living’s Face storage boxes keep toys tidied away while face-shaped cut outs give a peek at the contents.

PJ Pocket Pillow by Modern Twist

Lastly, the PJ Pocket Pillow by Modern Twist is an expandable fabric storage container inspired by a Japanese anemone box, which is traditionally used to hold family heirlooms.

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