Interactive: Surfaces Trend

Interactive: Surfaces Trend

Interactive elements add depth and dimension to these wall and floor coverings.
LivingShapes interactive wall by Lumiblade_1

The LivingShapes interactive wall by Lumiblade (shown above and top) is made up of OLEDs that react to movements picked up by a hidden camera and sounds detected by a microphone. The movement and sound is translated into light shapes, bathing the room in an atmospheric light.  The interactive wall is based on an ingenious modular system that eliminates the need to individually connect hundreds of OLEDs to each other. Instead, the user simply utilizes integrated OLED panels equipped with sixteen OLEDs. Constructed as a plug-and-play system, the interactive wall comes as a preconfigured system with 72 modules.

Graham & Brown Introduces New Frames Wallpaper by Taylor & Wood_Frames Gold

Recently relaunched in three new color ways, Graham & Brown‘s Frames wallpaper features a playful blank picture frame design onto which customers can stick their own photos, drawings and keepsakes.

Parquer by Ora-Ito for Stepevi

Ora-Ito’s modular Parquet rugs for Turkish brand Stepevi can be connected together to create graduated paths of colour.

Puzzle Perser by Katrin Sonnleitner

Assembled like a puzzle, Katrin Sonnleitner‘s Puzzle Perser rug is made up of 1225 pieces of recyclable synthetic & natural rubber per square meter. The pieces can be connected together to make up a variety of different, colorful designs. 

Modula Wall by Yellow Goat Design

Kids can apply  colorful 6mm-thick animal shapes to the square HPC laminate tiles of Yellow Goat Design’s Interactive Modula Wall.

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