Chilewich Textiles to Debut at NeoCon 2014

Chilewich Contract

is debuting three new textiles at NeoCon: “Stripe,” “Metal Tints,” and “Gold.” Unified around a metallic theme, each of the three collections is available in Plynyl wall-to-wall flooring, Plynyl floor tiles, Plynyl custom floor mats, and wall textiles.

Chilewich Contract Explores New Textures in Textiles

Chilewich Textiles to Debut at NeoCon

Each of the three new collections travels in uncharted aesthetic and textural terrain. Through a unique weaving technique, Stripe appears as a random pattern of linearly-oriented color, but in fact the textiles' multiple stripes are purposefully placed-"the overall effect, while appearing tonal, is in fact created with nine individual colors."

Chilewich Textiles to Debut at NeoCon

Made with Chilewich's unique bi-color yarns, Basketweave incorporates subtle modulations of light and dark tones within a single strand. The technique achieves a compelling perceptual effect, as of burnished steel or sheet metal.

Lastly, Gold employs bi-color yarns of black and gold in order to make the most esteemed of materials more accessible: "I wanted to lift gold out of its comfort zone... to dim the light of what one would expect from a precious metal."

Chilewich Textiles to Debut at NeoCon

The new collections illustrate Chilewich's enhanced commitment to environmental sustainability. The company employs its proprietary TerraStrand yarns, "containing 25% renewable vegetable content, each 100 yard roll of this fabric saves 4.5 gallons of petroleum and avoids releasing 86.5 pounds of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere."

For specifying information, contact Chilewich at (888) 851-7130.

About the Manufacturer: Husband and wife duo Sandy Chilewich and Joe Sultan launched their contract line in 2001. Specializing in backed and un-backed woven vinyl fabrics for use on wall panels, windows, and upholstery, the brand’s products can be found in institutions like the American Folk Art Museum, the iconic New York by Gehry Residences and The Samsung Experience at New York's Time Warner Center.

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