Product Collaborations by HOK Product Design, LualdiPorte, and Lea Ceramiche

Product Collaborations by HOK Product Design, LualdiPorte, and Lea Ceramiche

HOK Product Design

will unveil two collaborations with Italian manufacturing companies LualdiPorte and Lea Ceramiche during Salone del Mobile in Milan. The Half + Half Collection with high-end door company LualdiPorte includes space-saving doors ideal for urban environments. In concert with ceramic tile manufacturer Lea Ceramiche, HOK Product Design has created Pixel and Nest tiles, which are suitable for both wall and floor applications.

Half + Half Collection of Doors Swing and Pivot


Sophisticated, well-designed, and functional, the doors in the Half + Half Collection respond to space-saving needs. Wherever square footage does not accommodate swing or sliding doors, architects and designers can now choose Half + Half doors, which swing and pivot "to open into a half-in-half-out position." Combining wood and/or painted slabs, these smart doors feature three design trims "detailed with a shot of intense color."



The HOK/Lea Ceramiche partnership has yielded two unique tile collections entitled Pixel and Nest. Pixel plays with scale to create colorful multi-dimensional designs: "The original idea behind Pixel was to 'blow-up' an image that has been converted from print to a digitized image - or pixelated." Inspired by leaves, Nest is a series of hexagons and triangles that "can be used in a myriad of layouts."

About the Designer: HOK Product Design is an independent business that engages designers who use design thinking to create innovative products for the built environment. Founded in 2009, the company partners with manufacturers to develop new ideas and bring them to life. HOK Product Design has received many awards, including Best of Neocon Gold, Silver, Innovation, and Editor's Choice Awards.

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