Notes Acoustic Panels by Luca Nichetto for Offecct

Notes Acoustic Panels by Luca Nichetto for Offecct

Italian designer Luca Nichetto has created a hanging acoustic panel system called Notes for Swedish brand Offecct.


Inspired by laundry that’s been hung up to dry, the Notes acoustic panels are suspended on a system of cables.

Designed for Offecct Lab, a strategic initiative set up in 2013 specifically for the development of sustainable products, the Notes acoustic panels are made from recyclable felt made of waste sourced from upholstery factories.


My brief from Offecct was to create a new kind of sound panel that didn't have to be fixed on the wall but more like a free standing object,” says Nichetto.  “I'm from Venice, Italy, where a common way of drying laundry is by throwing them over any available cable that you find hanging between houses. When kids play football on the street, the clothes hanging over the lines muffles the sound of the bouncing football and screaming kids. So I used that as inspiration and tried to transfer it in to an industrial product.”


Notes not only absorbs sound, but helps to divide and define space in open plan offices. Instead of building and tearing down walls to construct new spaces, the user can easily rearrange Notes into creative compositions by repositioning the cables or simply moving the panels sideways.


The system is made up of five different shapes that can be upholstered in a variety of different colors.

For more information email or call +46 (0)504-415 00

About the manufacturer: Offecct was founded in 1990 by CEO Kurt Tingdal and Design Manager Anders Englund, and is based in Tibro, Sweden. Offecct has grown rapidly to become a major furniture manufacturer that employs 42 people  with sales of SEK 115 million, with more than 50% of the sales made up of exports to 55 countries. Offecct believes that qualitative, innovative and sustainable design creates interiors that have a positive impact on people – in meetings, at home and at work. Offecct works closely with some of the world's most renowned designers.

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