Faceted Fixtures: Lighting Trend

Faceted Fixtures: Lighting Trend

A major trend at last year’s trade shows, lamps with multifaceted surfaces are ideal for reflecting and refracting light around the room. From fabric to polycarbonate designs, here are five of our favorite examples of the trend. 

Faceted_Fixtures_Ligting_Trend_Daniel Becker LEM lamp for Contemporary Components-2

German designer Daniel Becker‘s LEM lamp for Contemporary Components is created by layering fabric onto a 3D wire shade.

Faceted_Fixtures_Ligting_Trend_Tom Dixon Cell pendant lamps_2

Made from layers of minutely etched, polished brass, each of Tom Dixon’s Cell pendant lamps cast intricate shadows onto walls, floors and ceilings.

Faceted_Fixtures_Ligting_Trend_Rock floor lamp by Diesel and Foscarini_2

Inspired by a volcanic rock the lacquered polycarbonate shade of the Rock floor lamp by Diesel and Foscarini has a multifaceted matt exterior with a diamond-bright and iridescent inside.


Faceted_Fixtures_Ligting_Trend_Espresso Lamp Piers Mansfield-Scaddan Fly-Pitcher

The faceted design of the Espresso Lamp by Piers Mansfield-Scaddan of Capetonian design studio Fly-Pitcher is based upon the shape of a stove-top coffee pot.


Designed by Isabelle Gilles and Yann Poncelet of French studio Colonel, the umbrella-like shade of the Faces floor lamp is covered with a tactile Kvadrat fabric.

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