MCE Lamp by Note Design Studio

MCE Lamp by Note Design Studio

Named after renowned Dutch graphic artist M.C.Escher, the MCE lamp by Note Design Studio features an ‘impossible’ wooden frame inspired by the artist’s famous ‘impossible structures’.

MCE Lamp by Note Design Studio_4

The ‘impossible’ wooden frame of the MCE Lamp by Note Design Studio is inspired by the mathematical illustrations and optical illusions of M.C.Escher.

Available in two sizes, the sturdy construction of the frame accommodates a large blown glass bowl shade that elegantly hides the light source.

MCE Lamp by Note Design Studio_2

The two-piece design allows the light to be directed by tilting the glass shade within the wooden frame.

MCE Lamp by Note Design Studio_3

The MCE lamp was designed as a one-off piece for the Glass Elephant exhibition during Stockholm Design Week 2013. The exhibition was a collaboration between Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair and ABB.

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About the designers: Note is a Stockholm-based design studio founded in 2008. A collective of six independent designers, Note Design Studio works within the fields of architecture, interiors, products, graphic design and design strategy to create tactile objects and spaces that make people pay attention to their surroundings.

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