Ease armchair by Burkhard Vogtherr & Jonathan Prestwich for Arco

Ease armchair by Burkhard Vogtherr & Jonathan Prestwich for Arco

Designed with comfort in mind, the back of the Ease armchair by designers Jonathan Prestwich and Burkhard Vogtherr for Dutch brand Arco features a fan of flexible 'fingers' that mould to fit your body.


The Ease armchair by Dutch brand Arco adds a new facet to the meaning of comfort.

As well as featuring a flexible back which users can comfortably lean back into, the Ease armchair can also be tailor made to suit specific sitting heights.


Available in fabric or leather upholstery and with oak legs or a steel, chrome or colored cantilever base, Ease can be tailored for use at home around the dining table as well as in the office around a boardroom table.


For more information visit www.arco.nl

About the manufacturer: Hailing from the town of Winterswijk in the Netherlands, Dutch brand Arco is a family-run furniture manufacturer that has been in business for more than 100 years. With an emphasis on functionality and sustainability, Arco's products are all proudly made in the Netherlands.

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