Arper Relaunch Lina Bo Bardi’s Bowl Chair

Arper Relaunch Lina Bo Bardi’s Bowl Chair

Later this month in London, Italian brand Arper will launch a limited edition version of the Bowl chair that was originally designed by late Modernist architect Lina Bo Bardi in 1951.

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The bright bowl-shaped seat of Lina Bo Bardi's Bowl Chair can be rotated and tilted within its black metal frame.

Working in partnership with the Instituto Lina Bo and P.M. Bardi, Arper will launch a limited edition of Bo Bardi’s iconic Bowl chair – a design that was never put into production. Bo Bardi envisioned the Bowl Chair as flexible in structure while universal and essential in form. But, as with all of Bo Bardi's designs, the ultimate emphasis remains on the human interaction with the object.

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The change in techniques since Lina's time has necessitated an interpretative approach by Arper, the challenge being to remain faithful to the original design while adapting to the contemporary conditions of industrial production.

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For example, the frame of the upholstered seat has been produced in lightweight plastic as opposed to heavy hand-forged iron as specified in Bo Bardi’s original drawings.

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The relaunch follows the 2012 exhibition "Lina Bo Bardi: Together" that was imagined by curator Noemi Blager, filmmaker Tapio Snellman and artist Madelon Vriesendorp and sponsored by Arper. The exhibition celebrated not only the Italian-born architect’s products but also her creative practice.

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Available in 22 color and fabric options, including black leather, the limited edition Bowl chairs can be ordered online here.

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