Terre di Cielo by Cielo

Terre di Cielo by Cielo

Italian bathroom brand Cielo have launched a new line of colors and finishes inspired by nature.

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‘Terre di Cielo’ offers consumers a warm and tactile alternative to sterile white sanitary ceramics.

Following a long period of research, Cielo have altered the standard chemical composition of enamels to enable them to be produced in a limitless array of different colors. Inspired by minerals and vegetation,  the new ‘Terre di Cielo’ colors include Basalto, Brina, Pomice, Talco, Cacao, Tabacco, Arenaria, Tufo, Muschio, Salvia, Agave and Limo.

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For more information contact www.ceramicacielo.com

About the manufacturer: Based in the Civita Castellana district of Italy – a region with a strong history of ceramic  production - Cielo is a manufacturer of contemporary bathroom products including sanitary fittings, washbasins, shower trays, bathtubs and urinals. Combining handmade techniques with cutting edge technology, Cielo partners with leading international designers, such as Marco Piva, 5.5 Designers, Karim Rashid and Claudio Silvestrin, to create award-winning products made from high quality materials.

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