Gino Sarfatti Edition No. 1 by Flos

Gino Sarfatti Edition No. 1 by Flos

Italian lighting brand Flos has introduced five elegant lighting designs by legendary Italian designer Gino Sarfatti that were all originally designed between 1951 and 1971.

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This year, five of Gino Sarfatti's timeless lighting designs were brought back to life as part of a collection called Edition No. 1 by Italian brand Flos.

The lamps were originally created by Sarfatti for Arteluce - the company he founded in 1939 and sold to Flos in 1973. The 2013 editions have all been updated to accommodate new LED technology while retaining the appearance of the original designs.

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Gino Sarfatti Edition No 1 by Flos_4

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For specifying information, contact Flos at 866-389-FLOS.

About the designer: Gino Sarfatti was born in Venice in 1912 and studied aeronaval engineering at the University of Genoa. After leaving school due to financial reasons, Sarfatti set up Arteluce in 1939. The firm soon became a national and international reference point for the modern architecture movement in lighting. During his thirty-year career, Sarfatti designed and produced over 400 lighting fixtures and carried out continuous research on innovation related to typology, materials, production technologies, light sources, technical lighting effects, and design.

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