Airblade V hand dryer by Dyson

Airblade V hand dryer by Dyson

Despite its small size, the Dyson Airblade V can hygienically dry hands in just 10 seconds.

Airblade V hand dryer by Dyson_2

Protruding just 4 inches from the wall, the new dryer uses concentrated Airbladeâ„¢ technology which costs less to run and has a low impact on the environment.

The dryer operates on one of the world’s smallest 1400W motors, which spins at 90,000 a minute – generating enough power to draw in up to 30 litres of air per second. Two HEPA filters capture 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in the washroom air, so hands are dried using cleaner air, not dirty air


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Paper towels need constant re-stocking and disposal, while most other hand dryers are slow, and many use a heating element, so they’re energy hungry. The Airblade V Hand Dryer costs up to 69% less to run per year than other hand dryers, and up to 97% less than paper towels.

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The dryer is available in sprayed nickel or white finishes.

Airblade V hand dryer by Dyson_3

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About the manufacturer: Dyson Ltd is a British technology company, founded in 1992 by Sir James Dyson, which designs and manufactures vacuum cleaners, hand driers and bladeless fans and heaters. Dyson sells machines in over 50 countries and employs 3,100 people worldwide. The company prides itself on engineering products which work in different and better ways than their predecessors.

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