Top Ten: Seen at WestEdge Design Fair 2013

Top Ten: Seen at WestEdge Design Fair 2013

Last weekend, the WestEdge Design Fair debuted at The Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California. Exhibiting a mix of independent designers and larger, more established labels, the Fair offered several highlights.

Token Dry Bar, WestEdge Design Fair 2013, Top Ten

1. Dry Bar
Designer: Token
Price: Inquire for pricing
65"H x 35.5" W x 17"D
Brooklyn-based design team Token debuted an elegant yet playful addition to its collection. Called the Dry Bar, the piece is constructed out of patterned rift white oak, American walnut, maple and ash and sits upon a brass base. Consistent with the rest of Token's storage collection, the bar can be customized to accommodate the needs of the space.

Apparatus Arrow Lamp, WestEdge Design Fair 2013, Top Ten

2. Arrow Lamp
Designer: Apparatus
Price: From $2850
Using aged brass, hand-etched glass, leather, and found objects, design duo Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson continue to infuse luxury into the Apparatus collection. The Arrow Lamp, which features hidden weights to create an off-kilter balance, can now be purchased with hand-wrapped calfskin or matte python detail. In addition, the brand introduced its exclusive matte white light bulbs.

Egg Collective Denson Dining chair, WestEdge Design Fair 2013, Top Ten

3. Densen Dining Chair
Designer: Egg Collective
Price: Inquire for pricing
18.5"L x 18.5"W x 31 H
New from Brooklyn-based Egg Collective, the Densen Dining Chair is the brand's first entry into seating. With a solid wood frame made out of either walnut or maple, the seat of the chair is totally customizable and is constructed out of the customer's own material.

Karimoku Color Wood Table, WestEdge Design Fair 2013, Top Ten

4. Colour Wood Table
Designer: Scholten & Baijings
Manufacturer: Karimoku New Standard
Price: From $750
From Japanese label Karimoku New Standard, the Color Wood Table was designed by studio Scholten & Baijings. The beautiful, pastel colors are laser-printed onto the thin wood, while the bright neon lines are strips of applied fabric.

Ercol Studio Couch, WestEdge Design Fair 2013, Top Ten

5. Studio Couch
Designer: Ercol
Price: From $3000
81"W x 35" L x 18"H
One of the Fair's most prominent eye-catchers, the Studio Couch from England's Ercol juxtaposed a simple wooden base with vibrant, digital-print fabric from Timorous Beasties.

Colors Cartesia Desk, WestEdge Design Fair 2013, Top Ten

6. Cartesia Desk
Designer: Nosigner
Price: From $6000
59"W x 27"D x 28"H
Designed by Japan-based firm Nosigner, The Cartesia Desk combines design and innovation, and allows the user to move drawers both inward and outward in two directions. A small side drawer is also intuitive and hides unsightly cords and cables.

Hay Color Glass Collection, WestEdge Design Fair 2013, Top Ten

7. Colour Glass Collection
Designer: Scholten & Baijings
Manufacturer: Hay
Price: From $36
In collaboration with Hay Denmark and Amsterdam's Scholten & Baijings, the Colour Glass Collection features graphic, hand-applied color blocking and bold palettes on simple crystal drinking glasses.

KGB Starling Standing Mirror, WestEdge Design Fair 2013, Top Ten

8. Starling Standing Mirror
Designer: Khouri Guzman Bunce Limited
Price: Inquire for pricing
17 ½"W x 20"D x 78"H
This elegant freestanding mirror from NYC's Khouri Guzman Bunce Limited is made with a solid silicon bronze frame and South American rosewood veneer. The mirror also boasts two views-floating clear glass rotates 180 degrees to reveal Italian colored glass once used as gel lighting filters.

Muuto Visu Chair, WestEdge Design Fair 2013, Top Ten

9. Visu Chair
Designer: Mika Tolvanen
Manufacturer: Muuto
Price: From $495
31.75"H, 18"W, 19.75"D
Tasked with creating a personal interpretation of a plywood chair, designer Mika Tolvanen designed the unobtrusive and timeless Visu chair, taking its name from the Finnish word for precision. Debuting with an upholstered seat, the chair comes in a plethora of muted colorways for both base and seat.

Muuto Visu Chair, WestEdge Design Fair 2013, Top Ten

10. Built-In Desk
Designer: Asher Israelow
Price: Inquire for pricing
A native New Yorker, Asher Israelow designs with spatial constraints in mind, and this is definitely true of his most recent piece-a sleek, built-in desk unit. Constructed out of walnut and brass, the unit floats, taking away no precious floor space, and features a flip-top cabinet.

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