Stacking Shelves: Contract Trend

Stacking Shelves: Contract Trend

Taking a more casual approach to storage, these shelving designs are simply stacked to quickly create one-of-a-kind compositions that are perfect for youthful open plan offices as well as residential settings.

Stacking Shelves_ Contract Trend_JDS_Architects_Muuto_1

The Stacked shelf system by JDS Architects for Danish brand Muuto consists of three modular units which can be fixed together using small clips to quickly create shelf systems, room dividers or side tables.

Stacking Shelves_ Contract Trend_Lumberjack_ENO_Damien Gernay

These adjustable modular shelves by Damien Gernay for Parisian brand ENO are made up of steel parts and solid oak planks. Called Lumberjack, the name refers to the shape of the steel supports.

Stacking Shelves_ Contract Trend_Ivy shelves Thomas Bernstrand Swedese

There are three ways to stack the Ivy shelves by Thomas Bernstrand for Swedese – when stacked to the left the shelves will lean left, when stacked to the right they will lean right and when stacked alternately, the shelves will sit vertically. Although made up of just 5 modules, there are 81 possible configurations.

Stacking Shelves_ Contract Trend_Color_Box_Henriette W. Leth

Color Box, by Henriette W. Leth for Danish design brand Normann Copenhagen, is a range of folded steel storage compartments that can be hung on the wall or stacked up on the floor like building blocks.

Stacking Shelves_ Contract Trend_Tetrad

The front and back edges of each module that makes up the geometric Tetrad Mega shelving system by Brave Space Design are beveled away from the interior surfaces. This bevel provides for an eleven-inch shelf depth while giving the piece an unreal optical quality when viewed from an angle. Reversible and interchangeable, these sturdy blocks will provide for endless stacking configurations and a lifetime of enjoyment.

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