More Than A Mirror: Bathroom Trend

More Than A Mirror: Bathroom Trend

A good grooming space needs storage, good light and of course a mirror. These designs make life simpler and more effortless by combining two or all three of these functions into one elegant design.

More Than A Mirror_ Bathroom Trend_ELLA Mirror by Miior_2

Thanks to its AXIO-LINK technology, the frame of the ELLA mirror can be effortlessly pulled away from the wall and closer to the face for maximum comfort while applying make up or shaving. In addition, a motion sensor situated just beneath the mirror’s surface turns on a light at the wave of a hand.

More Than A Mirror_ Bathroom Trend_Slide Circle by Deknudt Mirrors_1

Designed by the Dutch designer Marc van der Voorn for Deknudt, the Slide mirror features an L-shaped matt black metal shelf with a special slot for the mirror to sit in. The backs of the mirrors are fitted with slim synthetic plates to prevent slippingThe metal frame also functions as a shelf.

More Than A Mirror_ Bathroom Trend_Foglio 70 by Studio 63 for ex-t

Made from a simple sheet of folded stainless steel or white varnished steel, the Foglio 70 mirror by Studio 63 for Italian design brand ex.t also functions as a simple but stylish shelf.

More Than A Mirror_ Bathroom Trend_Nudo mirrors_Bendini Associati_Agape_1

The Nudo mirrors by Benedini Associati for Agape can be fitted with LED lighting on one or more sides to provide a soft light in the bathroom space.

More Than A Mirror_ Bathroom Trend_Viiva wall lamp by Angeletti Ruzza Design for Omikron

Designed to be installed across or next to bathroom mirrors of various shapes and sizes, Angeletti Ruzza Design Design's Viiva lamp for Omikron functions as both a lamp and a shelf for storing toiletries.

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