Copper Lights by David Derksen

Copper Lights by David Derksen

Debuted earlier this year during Milan Design Week, Dutch designer David Derksen‘s Copper Lights are simply made from folded sheets of copper.

Copper lights by David Derksen_2

Each facet of David Derksen’s folded Copper lights reflects a different tone.

Assembled by hand in The Netherlands, the lamps are constructed from copper sheets that are scored and then folded into multifaceted 3D forms.

Copper lights by David Derksen_3

Available in three shapes, the lamps give out a welcoming warm glow.

Copper lights by David Derksen_4

Copper lights by David Derksen_6

The Copper Lights are available directly from David Derksen Design. For enquiries contact

About the designer: Dutch designer David Derksen graduated in 2009 from the Design Academy Eindhoven and completed his MSc degree in 2011 at Industrial Design TU Delft. Working out of his studio in Rotterdam, Derksen is inspired by the principles and processes that are found in nature. In his designs he tries to express the beauty of the material and the way it is produced.

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