Toffoli by UBS Design

Toffoli by UBS Design

Showing at designjunction in London earlier this month, the Toffoli line of lighting fixtures and steel furniture by New York-based design brand UBS Design combines modernist forms with industrial materials.

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The Toffoli collection of lighting and furniture by UBS Design combines a European mid-century design praxis with elements of American industrial steel.

The sofa and table are made from powder coated steel and the lamps are made from mirror polished stainless steel. The design onf the lighting references the ancient Japanese craft of urushi lacquerware. Made by hand, each shade consists of approximately 50 separate pieces.

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The pieces are fabricated in Osaka, Japan by Miyakekogei, who have worked closely with UBS Design to refine the designs.

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About the manufacturer: Based between New York City and Osaka, UBS Design's lighting and furniture  is designed by Etsumi Imamura. Educated in fine art in Japan, the UK and the US,  Imamura has worked in graphic, interior and furniture design for the past twenty years. UBS Design's work brings a hand made quality to objects that are ordinarily mass produced. 

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