KRION by Porcelanosa

KRION by Porcelanosa

Ceramic and porcelain tile manufacturer Porcelanosa have introduced KRION®, a new-generation solid surface material that has the look and feel of stone but the flexibility to be molded like a plastic.


KRION® by Porcelanosa is a new interior surfaces solution for the U.S. design community.

KRION® is a non-porous, uniform material, made of one-third organic material (high-quality polyester polymer resin) and two-thirds natural minerals (alumina).

Unlike other professional surface materials, KRION® can be transformed into complex figures through a process that creates almost invisible joints, providing a level of functionality that is otherwise difficult to obtain.


Easy to clean and repair, KRION® has a feel and hardness similar to ornamental rock and can be used for Washbasins, Vanities, Counter tops, Shower Columns,  Shower Trays, Cubicles, Bathtubs, Shower Decks,  Tables and Swimming Pools.

To learn more about KRION® for Porcelanosa, or to find a local Porcelanosa showroom, visit

About the manufacturer: Porcelanosa Group is the premiere European manufacturer of ceramic and porcelain tile, natural stone, hardwood, mosaics, kitchen cabinets, vanities, bathtubs, faucets, shower systems, solid surfaces and more. The PORCELANOSA Group has more than 400 showrooms throughout the whole world, which it either operates itself or through companies with its distributors. The company has 18 showrooms and six distribution centers spanning more than five million square feet throughout the USA.

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