Imperfect Lines: Surfaces Trend

Imperfect Lines: Surfaces Trend

Technology is allowing manufacturers to mass-produce products with unique character. Read on to see how perfect a little imperfection can be:

Boleform, trend, wood, uneven lines

Tops and Front by Boleform: Live-edge, veneer-bonded surfaces from Boleform have a rustic appearance and can be used for floors as well as for tabletops and cabinet fronts. No two are alike, giving each project unique character.

mafi Magic OAK wide-plank violet by mafi

Magic Oak Wide-Plank Violet by Mafi: Hand-planed floor surfaces are finished with violet-colored putty, which is manually inserted into cracks and knotholes. Each board has variations in color and pattern.

MSD artificial stone panel by StoneslikeStones

MSD Artificial Stone Panel by StoneslikeStones: Constructed of fiberglass, resin, and stone powder, panels from StonelikeStones replicate the varied surface appearance of a variety of stone walls, allowing them to be realized in residential and commercial interiors.

Remixed Wallpaper, NLXL, Arthur Slenk

Remixed Wallpaper by NLXL: Digital scanning technology allowed NLXL to capture the depth of artist Arthur Slenk’s collages, which were created from boxes of handwritten music sheets used by an amateur orchestra from 1872 to 1941. NLXL Wallpaper has no repeat.

Claesson Koivisto Rune, Tiles, Kasthall

Tiles by Kasthall: A collection of hand-tufted rugs designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune, Tiles is inspired by the shapes and dimensions of ceramic tiles. Three patterns and five colors can be combined in any size. Due to the use of natural materials and the handcrafted process, rug dimensions may vary up to 2 percent.

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