Echelon™ Ceiling System by Hunter Douglas Contract

Echelon™ Ceiling System by Hunter Douglas Contract

Hunter Douglas Contract

has introduced the Echelonâ„¢ Ceiling system; a new acoustical ceiling solution that features the thinnest visible grid in the market combined with the largest selection of mass customizable acoustical ceiling surfaces.

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The Echelonâ„¢ Ceiling system by Hunter Douglas Contract allows building services to be seamlessly integrated into the ceiling plane, such as lighting, HVAC, fire and safety and audio.

Fine extruded lines frame each panel surface and an integrated linear fixture creates a refined look. In addition, the acoustical panel surfaces carry a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of 0.85 and are up to 4'x4' in size. The panels are available in white, but can also be mass customized in any color or textured print, such as woods and leathers.

"The Echelon System is a high performance ceiling solution that combines a clean, architectural look and multiple design options with simple swing down access to the plenum," said Ko Kuperus, General Manager at Hunter Douglas Specialty Products. "As more building services and amenities are integrated directly into ceilings, we needed to produce a system that could adjust accordingly, without being overly complicated to install."

The Echelon System's formaldehyde-free acoustical panels use 50 percent less material resources than traditional acoustical ceiling tiles and consists of 30 percent recycled content.

The aluminum extrusions of the system are treated in an environmentally friendly anodizing process and the surface colors and prints are applied through a sublimation technology that uses only a fraction of ink with no solvents or water.

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