Back to Black: Lighting Trend

Back to Black: Lighting Trend

Black is a versatile color for lighting, giving fixtures a timeless, architectural quality and allowing them to complement a variety of interior designs. Click below to see why lighting designers are bringing black back:

mix, faro, lighting trend

Mix by Faro: Slatted black metal shades create a unique play of light and a shape that’s versatile enough for traditional and modern interiors. The Mix family includes three wall lamps (one, pictured at the top of this post, is designed to perch on a book shelf), pendants, table lamps, and floor lamps with wooden bases.

zero, thirty, black, trend, lighting

Thirty by Zero: Thirty’s design is based on the idea that it should have a pleasing appearance from all angles, whether mounted in a hallway, public space, or stairwell. The rotating LED light can turn 170 degrees, making it a flexible solution for walls and ceilings. Available in black, white, and yellow.

kuhlo, MDF, black, trend, lighting

Kulho by Blond Belysning: An alternative to the wealth of aluminum fixtures on the market, Blond Belysning’s Kuhlo fixture (the name is Finnish for “bowl”) unites glass and wood to create a simple pendant. Options include ash, birch, oak, plywood, or colored MDF where it´s possible to work with one or more colours and in different thicknesses of the layers. As a standard, Kulho is manufactured with a direct light distribution.

antago ID, viocero, lighting, trend, black

Antago ID by Viocero: Antago ID is a table lamp with a huge assortment of finish options. Its fabric-covered shade and base are available in 300 silk, polycotton, and chintz colors. The base is customizable in five aluminum finishes as well: silver, champagne gold, black, titan brown, bronze.

mingus, lightyears, trend, black, lighting

Mingus by Lightyears: Mingus is manufactured in aluminum and lacquered in six matte colors: White, Nearly Black, Very Grey, Pale Moss, Light Celadon, and Dusty Limestone. With a form made of four flat faces, the pendant emits light through its base and through a small diffuser in its top as well.

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