Redesigning the light bulb: Booo bulbs by Booo

Redesigning the light bulb: Booo bulbs by Booo

A move on from the traditional pendant lamp concept, these innovative bulbs by Dutch design company Booo combine a bulb and lampshade into one eco friendly LED product.

Booo bulbs_Nacho_2

Working with Spanish designer Nacho Carbonell, Formafantasma from Italy and Swedish design studio Front, Booo present a line of unconventional pendant lamps called the Booo bulbs.

Eschewing the traditional glass light bulb,  Nacho Carbonell’s Booo bulb is made from a squeezable rubber. Soft and unbreakable, its hand-made quality gives a textured surface that creates a subtle light. This is Carbonell’s first ever mass-produced product.
Booo bulbs_Formafantasma
Designed to look like a hanging leaf, Formafantasma’s Booo bulb can be used individually, or installed in groups to create a forrest of hanging leaves. The clean cut of the design casts a patterned light around the room.
Booo bulbs_family_1
Available in large, medium or small sizes, Front’s Booo bulb is inspired by the shape of a traditional lampshade. The bulbs are enclosed structures, they have inner domes that soften the light and create a warm and pleasant ambience.
Booo bulbs_Front
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About the manufacturer: Launched during the Salone del Mobile 2012, Eindhovem-based brand Booo have created the concept of bulb and lampshade in one. Using the latest LED technology, Booo works with notable designers such as Nacho Carbonell, Formafantasma, Front and others to create innovative and sustainable LED lamps.


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