Top Ten: Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Top Ten: Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Furniture created from reclaimed wood is both practical and good for the environment. Because the recycled wood has its own history, it makes each new piece of furniture beautiful and unique. Here are some of our favorite pieces of reclaimed wood furniture.

top ten, Reclaimed Wood Furniture, Beam Coffee Table, UHURU

1. Beam Coffee Table"¨
DESIGNER: Jason Horvath
PRICE: Available upon request
"¨48″ L x 26″ W x 14.5″ H

The Beam Coffee Table is two 12" x 12" antique pine beams held together with two inset walnut feet and three walnut splines. It is finished to a smooth shine, yet retains the scars of its past, including nail holes and iron stains.

top ten, Reclaimed Wood Furniture, Live Edge king Bed, Live Edge Design

2. Live Edge King Bed
MANUFACTURER: Live Edge Design"¨
PRICE: Available upon request
114″ L x 20-24″ H

A giant maple slab is used as the perfect backdrop to a great night’s sleep in Live Edge Design’s King size bed.

top ten, Reclaimed Wood Furniture, ReCubed Stool, Acronym Designs

3. ReCubed Stool
MANUFACTURER: Acronym Designs
PRICE: $1400
15" W x 15" D x 17" H

Inspired by the beauty and durability of aged butcher block, the ReCubed stool is designed for indoor or outdoor settings. This series highlights the end grain, which is the strongest surface of the wood.

top ten, Reclaimed Wood Furniture, Maze Coffee Table, Rosten Furniture

4. Maze Coffee Table"¨
MANUFACTURER: Rotsen Furniture"¨
PRICE: $7,300.00
54″ L x 54″ D x 14″ H

The Maze Coffee Table is made with salvaged pieces of mango wood. The solid wood slabs are assembled in such a way that each table has a unique look.

top ten, Reclaimed Wood Furniture, Chamcha Wood Dining Table, Phillips Collection

5. Chamcha Wood Dining Table
MANUFACTURER: Phillips Collection"¨
PRICE: Available upon request
"¨84″ L x 37″ W x 30″ H

A single slab of reclaimed Chamcha wood is supported by two solid, wood legs, and finished smooth.

top ten, Reclaimed Wood Furniture, sedanArmoire, Daniel Moyer Design

6. sedanArmoire
DESIGNER: Daniel Moyer Design & Fabrication"¨
PRICE: Available upon request

The sedanArmoire is large storage piece for full-length coats or ballgowns, and the reclaimed cedar panels keep the bugs away.

top ten, Reclaimed Wood Furniture, JUXTAPOSED Power, blankblank

7. JUXTAPOSED: Power"¨
DESIGNER: Mike and Maaike
MANUFACTURER: blankblank
PRICE: Available upon request
36″ W x 5″ H x 8″ D

This bookcase, made from reclaimed hardwood, brings to the same level seven of the world’s most seminal texts on power and its relationship to the ordering of society.

top ten, Reclaimed Wood Furniture, BADA Table, Ecosystems

8. BADA Table
DESIGNER: BADA (Brooklyn Arts and Design Arena)
PRICE: Available upon request
As a table: 62-73″W 36″D 29″H

The BADA table is a unique convertible design works as a desk, extends to become a dining table and then converts into a comfortable loveseat.

top ten, Reclaimed Wood Furniture, Cyclone Lounger, Uhuru

9. Cyclone Lounger"¨
PRICE: Available upon request
69″ L x 22″ W x 30.5″ H

The Coney Island Lounger is crafted from reclaimed wood taken from the demolished iconic boardwalk, and the design references the iconic roller coaster.

top ten, Reclaimed Wood Furniture, Scaffold Iron Side Table, Halostyles

10. Scaffold Iron Side Table"¨
PRICE: $1,300.00
19.5″ W x 28″ L x 22″ H

The Scaffold Iron Side Table is made from rough and reclaimed wood trimmed with iron. A table made for casual spaces.

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