Opencase Wall System by Henrybuilt

Opencase Wall System by Henrybuilt

American manufacturer Henrybuilt‘s new wall shelving system makes use of a rod and panel design that requires no vertical support for shelving. 


The Opencase Wall System by Henrybuilt is designed to evolve with the user's needs.

Combining technical sophistication with a warm, residential aesthetic, the adaptable Opencase Wall system works across a wide range of applications. And, to make life easier, Henrybuilt has created "starting point" configurations for applications like entryways, libraries, offices, wine storage, pantries, wardrobes, utility closets, laundry, and children's room.


Additionally, the system is available in a broad palette, including FSC certified woods, high pressure laminate, and aluminum, allowing for more aesthetic flexibility.


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About the manufacturer: Henrybuilt was founded in 2001 to create the first American kitchen 'system'. The brand’s primary goal is to produce the best kitchen and whole house furniture and storage systems in the world, based on an ideal combination of system development, customization, craft quality and design service. The company operates showrooms in Seattle and New York, an office in Los Angeles, as well as a 40,000 square foot engineering and manufacturing facility in Seattle. Henrybuilt has completed over 1500 major projects for clients throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. 

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